Vilnius: 700 Years Young

Vilnius is turning 700 years old and has never been so young. Invite your friends from all over the world to celebrate the city’s birthday. Let’s celebrate Vilnius’ youth!

It might sound weird to call a city founded in 1323 young, but it’s absolutely true.

Anyone who has been to Vilnius Old Town on a Friday evening or to Vingis Park in the early morning, where forever-young joggers compete in the shade of old trees, knows that the city is young. Areas once called new have aged, but brave artists have since moved in. Those areas are young again and get younger with each year.

Marketplaces and squares get younger, and one of the oldest universities of Europe turns 19 every October, just like a first-year student. Old factories and prisons are young again and stage loud concerts. You can hear music from somebody’s young days in the old churches – maybe yours or your grandparents.

Vilnius is young because it takes care of itself – it smooths the wrinkles of sidewalks, puts fresh plaster on historical buildings, controls street circulation and constantly monitors its pulse to make sure that it is not too slow or too fast, but just as it has to be – young.

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They have already started creating young Vilnius

Artists present their works created specifically for Vilnius on the occasion of its birthday. Post this picture on your social networks to remind your friends that it’s time to celebrate Vilnius’ youth.

The City Sounds
Vilniaus Šufiti

Vilnius is young because age does not determine how young you feel. Check it out!

Vilnius will celebrate its birthday on 25 January 2023, but we are too young to only celebrate for one day. You can take advantage of numerous events that are already occurring: cinema, theatre and music festivals, as well as concerts and tours that promise to surprise with flavours and facts. A hundred years ago, people would take to the sky in hot-air balloons from the present-day Lukiškės Square and would land with parachutes. Let’s celebrate the 700th anniversary of Vilnius in an even more impressive way.

It is extremely difficult to describe Vilnius in one word because it might look completely different from one moment to the next: big and small, new and old, full of life and calm, strong and cosy. Nevertheless, we have reviewed Vilnius’ history and found one word which is suitable to describe Vilnius, even 700 years later. Young.

Vilnius is young because youth does not depend on age – age cannot determine how you might feel. Click on one of the following adjectives and check it out!

Unique to everyone

Vilnius is waiting for you to join its birthday celebrations!

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