In the 16th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was one of the biggest countries in Europe and Vilnius was a free and passionate city that attracted adventurers. Parties of the time were no worse than today. Hosts would go out of their way to make the evening unforgettable and guests enjoyed elaborate meals, danced mazurkas and minuets, and saw fireworks shows.

If we had to choose the most passionate love story in Vilnius’ history, it would be without a doubt the love story of Žygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaitė. In her book Barbora Radvilaitė, Raimonda Ragauskienė wrote about the unbridled love of Žygimantas Augustas had for Barbora – he ordered a secret path to be built leading from his palace to the door of the house of his beloved.

If locals in Vilnius fight for anything, they do so with total passion. Monuments on the Green Bridge, the renovation of Lukiškės Square, which included the installation of a beach, memorial plaques and statues – they all start debates. And this is good! The city, whose residents care about its tiniest details, will never be abandoned.

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