Unique to everyone

Vilnius is like a puzzle where the pieces are its residents and guests. The picture is therefore ever-changing, but just as vivid, creative and focused on preserving the city’s core values of courage, tolerance and multiculturalism. Vilnius is unique to everyone and always special. If we were to ask a local which area is the most beautiful, they would probably mention the artistic neighbourhood of Užupis, the Baroque Old Town, or the urban Paupys. Meanwhile, international culture and leisure magazine Time Out has declared Vilnius’ Station district one of the most interesting in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the Lithuanian capital is multi-layered and full of contrasts. Since its very establishment on 25 January 1323, when Grand Duke Gediminas sent letters to Europe inviting craftsmen and merchants to come to Vilnius, it has been a city where numerous cultures, religions and traditions intertwine. Today as well, this is a place where the most unexpected ideas flourish and coexist, whether it’s rock concerts in churches, art workshops in Lukiškės Prison, or hundreds of musicians playing in the streets of the Old Town on Street Music Day. Vilnius is a master of metamorphoses, giving everyone what they are looking for, even if it’s a part of Tokyo or London that famous foreign directors find for their films and shows.

Vilnius is 700 years old, but it knows the secret to the elixir of youth. It is the people who constantly maintain the heartbeat of the modern city, re-creating it every day and taking care of both its beautiful appearance and its radiant spirit. The face of Vilnius reflects every one of its residents, so it’s easy to stay young when you have more than half a million faces! And even though the face of the Lithuanian capital is constantly changing, the spirit of Vilnius is always generously ready to share the treasures accumulated over 700 years with everyone.

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