You take a step and find yourself in the Old Town; you take another on and you are in the suburbs; you take a third step and you are in the middle of a forest. Vilnius is a green and compact city with all the advantages of a big city and various people – this is what brings me delight every day. Vilnius is young because age does not determine how young you feel. It is a choice to be brave and curious in the deepest sense of these words.

– Aistė Papartytė-Šidlauskienė, illustrator

About Gediminas

I like to convey comic elements in my work. I also value the city’s cultural and historical legacy. Vilnius’ anniversary slogan gave me the idea of a funny visual composition. In my illustration, I combined old (Gediminas’ Castle Tower, the Pillars of Gediminas [Gediminaičių Stulpai], the Church of St. Anne) and new (the tower like a hipster drinking coffee from a reusable cup).

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