Vilniaus Šufiti

I travelled a lot. I lived in Denmark for some time. While wandering around the world, I realised one thing: I am a guest in all the places and Vilnius is my real home, I can be myself to the fullest here. When I think of youth, I associate it with self-expression and frivolousness – these words also perfectly describe our city.

– Marius Žvirblis, illustrator

About Vilniaus Šufiti

In old dangerous times, gangs in Chicago marked their territories by hanging shoes on telephone wires. When I thought about what I associate with youth in Vilnius, the first idea that came to me was the White Bridge. This place is now dedicated to the young generation of Vilnius. It is equipped for skateboards and rollerblades. These young people roar around like a gang, consolidating their territory and shouting that they are young.

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