Lithuania is marking a historic milestone in 2023 – the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. Let’s start preparing and come together to create a majestic celebration that reflects the spirit of the city. The news of this anniversary will spread all around the world.

Anniversary Program
Vilnius is ready to celebrate – are you? Vilnius will be celebrating its 700th anniversary in 2023, but you can already start enjoying the potpourri of events now. A year full of exclusive performances, art, music and entertainment awaits.
Programme 2022
Programme 2023
International programme
The Heart of the Celebration
As you welcome in the anniversary, discover the best of what Vilnius has to offer – look to the past as well as to the future, admire artists’ original ideas, leave your mark for future generations, and celebrate with the many communities the city has.
Opera.Connect: Vilnius, a City of Opera
Vilnius Poker at the MO Museum
Pavilion: Vilnius 200 Years Ago
Vilnius Biennial for Performance Art
Music for Vilnius
Once Upon a Time in Vilnius
Vilnius Poker: The Film
Let’s Create a Celebration Together
To make Vilnius’ birthday more memorable, it’s important for the celebration to live in each of our hearts. Therefore, everyone can take the initiative and contribute to creating a festive atmosphere. After all, the more ideas, the more spectacular the anticipation and the 700th anniversary will be.
7 reasons to visit Vilnius
Vilnius: 700 Years Young
About Vilnius 700
Plan your holiday calendar and find out what gifts Vilnius has prepared for you. Let’s create new traditions – even after 700 years, the city still has something to surprise you with!

2021-09-22 - 2022-10-09

Vilnius International Theatre Festival SIRENOS

2022-09-29 - 2022-10-01

Creative Express: Vilnius 700 Young

2022-10-14 - 2022-10-22

8th New Opera Action
Vilnius’s DNA
Discover Vilnius’ DNA by experiencing what it meant to live in the city for 700 years. Get to know the many faces of the city to better understand what makes Vilnius so inspiring, creative and bold today.
The Most Delicious Stories of Vilnius
Seven Stages of the Life of Vilnius
Vilnius à la carte
Digital City
How is the preparation for the 700th anniversary of Vilnius going? Get the most up-to-date information about upcoming events, entertainment, new partnerships, projects and invitations contributing to the celebration.
Vilnius: An Open Music Hall
Discussions from the National Expedition: Vilnius 700
Vilnius Dream
New Baltic Dance
Vilnius 699 Birthday
The Most Delicious Stories of Vilnius gathered people in K. Sirvydas Square
Vilnius Goes LEGO
Travelling Opera
Remember moments from The Most Delicious Stories of Vilnius
An Open Music Hall Festival
699 Vilnius Birthday
Vilnius’s Lights Festival
Vilnius: 700 Years Young
Our partners tried their best to make Vilnius’ 700th anniversary bright and memorable, and to spread the word about it all over the world. Vilnius is grateful for this special gift.
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