Lithuania is marking a historic milestone in 2023 – the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. Let’s start preparing and come together to create a majestic celebration that reflects the spirit of the city. The news of this anniversary will spread all around the world.


The anniversary is a perfect opportunity to look back at the city’s rich past and its moments of glory, remember its cultural heritage and historical traditions, and examine the beauty of the Lithuanian capital. However, Vilnius is a modern city, so we will also explore the future and new opportunities.

Let’s create a celebration together!

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Suggest how to best commemorate the capital’s 700th anniversary. Your ideas will help shape the anniversary celebration and reflect the multifaceted spirit of the city. 2023 seems far away, but we can start preparing today. Let's delve into the city's past, present and visions for the future. Are you ready to spread new cultural content and rediscover the heart of Vilnius?


Vilnius 700

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