The most memorable moments of last year’s As Young As Vilnius Festival

The festival started with a special show – true Lithuanian opera stars appeared together with an orchestra. In one evening, residents and guests of Vilnius heard a plethora of classical music hits: opera arias by Puccini, Bizet, Mozart and Verdi, and well-known works performed by the orchestra.

Lithuanian duo night

The festival also produced some unexpected surprises – well-known Lithuanian performers appeared who were specially paired up for this event in duos of different genres according to the Grammy principle. After all, Vilnius is a creative and passionate city that is not afraid to experiment! So Lithuanian performers and groups united and – together – made listeners’ hearts beat a little faster. The performances included well-known, popular songs as well as new interpretations of legendary pieces. It was a colourful and sensitive – yet also energetic – part of Lithuanian music, inviting everyone to celebrate Vilnius’s youth.

Concert by Scottish music star Lewis Capaldi

For one evening, Vilnius became an international music arena. It was hard to believe that we were hearing the hits that we’ve listened to countless times on Spotify right here in Vilnius! Lewis Capaldi – a well-known and critically acclaimed international pop music star who knows how to touch the hearts of fans around the world with his work – appeared in the capital.

The Low Air urban dance theatre also gave the audience a spectacular show. Entitled “Together”, the dance performance united different generations, Lithuanian urban dance culture, and themes such as the search for identity, loneliness and connection, and community.

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