Goldsmiths’ Workshop

Fragment of a monstrance, 1535. Vilnius, Lithuania. Church Heritage Museum

The first workshop set up in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was by Vilnius’ goldsmiths, which is not surprising because dukes, noblemen and the clergy used to receive gifts from the Masters of the German Order, thus they were used to luxury articles. The demand for these goods grew rapidly and members of the goldsmiths’ guild were the wealthiest residents in the city, often occupying honourable posts in the local government.

What did you need to become a member of a workshop or guild? A goldsmith had to produce three items – a goblet, a seal with a helmet inscribed on it and a ring with a gemstone. Each article was evaluated by the Vilnius Magistrate. Goldsmiths also had to participate in sacred services, otherwise they could face a fine. Guild meetings were held in the house at Gaono g. 6, where the Embassy of Romania is housed today. You can have a look at the works of the goldsmith of those times – they are displayed in the Church Heritage Museum.


Gaono g. 6
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