The Right Bank of the Neris River – the New Centre

Hotel Lietuva in Vilnius. Funds of the Architecture Museum

In the 20th century, Vilnius was growing fast and expanded beyond its usual frame. Although the city centre was traditionally thought to be on the left side of the Neris River, buildings started to emerge on its right bank in the 1960s. First, this site was planned as a residential quarter of block houses; however, architects offered a different project. In this way, a residential area called the “urban hill” was born.

The Green Bridge merges into a wide pedestrian walkway. Going down this path, you can go to the city’s first shopping centre with an escalator (CUP) – you can try it today as well. You can also visit the planetarium of Vilnius University to stargaze. A little further, you will see a monolith tower-style multi-apartment building dating back to the end of the Soviet era. In the first years of Lithuania’s restoration of independence, there was a pizzeria where you could get the first pizzas in Vilnius.

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