Monument to Gediminas

Gediminas (Alexander Guagnini’s Description of Sarmatian Europe, 1578, illustration, National Library of Poland)

Let’s start travelling around Vilnius by greeting its founder – the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas. While on a hunting trip, he dreamt of a howling iron wolf and decided to build a city that would be known around the world. Gediminas first mentioned the city in 1323 when he invited foreign merchants and craftsmen. When you approach the bronze monument of the Grand Duke of Lithuania, stand on the side and look around – this is the view that Gediminas has seen every day since 1996.

The Cathedral Bell Tower, people in the square, continuous movement – the ruler would be delighted to see the city he established today. The monument was designed by the emigrated artist Vytautas Kašuba and depicts Gediminas’ right hand raised to bless Vilnius as he stands next to his horse holding the edge of his sword and showing that he is a democratic ruler.

You can speak to Gediminas as well –you can find a QR code at the base of the monument; scan it and you will hear what the Grand Duke of Lithuania thinks of Vilnius and the changes that have occurred in the city he founded.

Katedros aikštė
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