George’s Hotel

George’s Hotel, built in 1895 on St George Avenue. Publisher Abraamas Fialko, circa 1913. National Museum of Lithuania

As soon as you arrive in Vilnius, leave your belongings in a room at George’s Hotel and your horse in the nearby stable before setting off on a journey to explore all the interesting things the city has to offer. Be sure – you are staying in a particularly splendid accommodation and know that if you desire to spend more time in the hotel, you can rent an apartment here for a longer period.

The hotel was designed by architects Count Tadeusz Rostworowski and Alexander Lubański. Its first floor has a restaurant and the third and fourth floors host concerts, performances and other events. Before the fire of 1944, this building looked slightly different – it had two gates with masonry arches above them. Today, only one gate has been preserved.

Gedimino pr. 20
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