House of professed monks to the Church of St. Casimir

Otto Liessmann. Vilnius Church of St Casimir. 1915. Kretinga Museum

You will see the dome of the Church of St. Casimir wreathed in a noble crown from a distance. It was designed as the main Jesuit church of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and was built after the celebration of the canonisation of St. Casimir, which took place in 1604. The Jesuit brothers established themselves next to the house of the professed monks and travelled the monk’s road to take their final solemn vow. Here, they were appointed to missions or to serve in rulers’ manors as clergymen. While in this house, they would give sermons, listen to confessions in the church and visit condemned men in the Town Hall Prison. The site of executions was not far from the façade of the Church of St. Casimir, since the main entry to the 17th century Town Hall was facing the opposite side compared to the present-day and formed a square.

After many years, the Church of St. Casimir became the Church of St. Nicolas, and the Lutherans settled in the church during World War I. Today the church and the house of professed monks are once again in the hands of the Jesuits.

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