Historical Vilnius dishes at Etno Dvaras restaurants

As the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Vilnius dictated culinary fads and trends for the entire region for centuries. It was a place where the eating culture of manors, merchants, travellers and locals intertwined. What caught on became part of traditional Vilnius cuisine, which, like the city itself, is multi-layered and multicultural, and reflects the collection of various social strata, peoples and traditions. We invite you to taste the historical dishes of Vilnius, which are prepared based on the old tradition and the presentation of which is interpreted and adapted for today’s diners by our head chef, Ramūnas Giraitis.

  • Forshmak (herring appetizer) – pieces of herring fillet, onions, apples, eggs, olive oil EUR 5.95.
  • Lithuanian borscht – beetroot soup cooked in chicken broth with porcini and pieces of meat. Served with sour cream –  3.75 €
  • Boiled pig’s trotter with peas. Served with boiled peas, flavoured cracklings and pickled cucumbers –  5.95 €
  • Nelson’s Zrazy – beef tenderloin roll stuffed with dried mushrooms, rye bread and fried onions. Served with mashed potatoes or roasted potato wedges, forest mushroom sauce and pickled cucumbers – 12.95 €
  • Traditional handmade boiled dumplings with meat filling. Served with sour cream or with sour cream and cracklings – 6.95 €
  • Seven Sisters Cake – layers of sponge cake with cocoa buttercream ​filling, topped with toasted hazelnuts – 4.55 €
  • Krupnikas (40 mL) – a liqueur made from honey and aromatic herbs by the Franciscan friars settled in Nyasvizh by Mikołaj Krzysztof “the Orphan” Radziwiłł. Krupnikas was served for the first time, officially, in 1593, to the guests who came to celebrate the completion of the Radziwiłł castle in Nyasvizh. The beverage is traditionally heated to a temperature of 50°C and served in small glasses – 2.95 €

Period: 13 January – 21 February 2023.

Address: All Vilnius (and Kaunas) Etno Dvaras restaurants are participating.

Contact details: You can find restaurant contact details online here. 

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