About the Project

Vilnius 700 is a long-term project designed to celebrate the city’s extraordinary 700th anniversary, which will take place in 2023. The city boasts a rich history, a heroic past and a courageous view of the future. When commemorating this anniversary, we want all of Lithuania to get to know the city better and feel an emotional connection to it. Celebrate for more than than just one day! The anniversary events and initiatives will start as early as January 2021.

The world learned about Vilnius for the first time from the letters written by Gediminas, the Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. We hope that the 700th anniversary will be yet another opportunity to spread the message of Vilnius to the world. The festive atmosphere will enrich the cultural environment of the city and bold decisions will encourage you to look at the Lithuanian capital from new perspectives. Vilnius is a friendly and innovative city, so be prepared for contemporary initiatives that unite the local community and fascinate guests. You will fall in love with Vilnius.

The anniversary celebrations are created on the principle of partnership – everyone can contribute their ideas and suggestions to the programme. In this way, we will better reflect the values ​​of the city: freedom, tolerance and the peaceful coexistence of different cultures. Everyone is invited to create a unique and optimistic celebration. You can suggest your idea or contribute to the implementation of existing projects. In this way, you will become more than just a participant in the celebration – you will also be one of its creators.

The anniversary is a perfect opportunity to look back at the city’s rich past and its moments of glory, remember its cultural heritage and historical traditions, and examine the beauty of the Lithuanian capital. However, Vilnius is a modern city, so we will also explore the future and new opportunities.

Let’s create a celebration together!

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