Vilnius’s DNA

So that you can wholeheartedly celebrate Vilnius’ anniversary, get to know the city better. After all, the city has changed many times over the past seven centuries, and the changes have left distinct marks on the modern face of the city.

Get acquainted with the legends, discoveries, reforms, achievements and everyday life of Vilnius by following the routes important to the city that have been carefully planned as part of the Historical Menu of Vilnius. Explore the Digital City to take a look around the streets of Vilnius that no longer exist. With The Most Delicious Stories of Vilnius, you can taste authentic dishes that were enjoyed by nobles and simple townspeople alike, recreated using original recipes.

Discover what is encoded in Vilnius’ DNA.

The Most Delicious Stories of Vilnius
Seven Stages of the Life of Vilnius
Vilnius à la carte
Digital City

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