The 14th century: grey and legendary Vilnius

Almost 700 years ago, in the 14th century, a city was born on seven hills where an iron wolf stood howling. The city was destined to promote the name of Lithuania across the world. Vilnius is not an ordinary city because different cultures and religions have lived in concord since the Middle Ages. When the swords of the Crusaders clanged, merchants travelled, and craftsmen plodded away, the capital city was protected by deities living in the surrounding forests, flames danced on the altars and legends that have survived to this day were born. If you keep your ears open, you will hear the rustling of the centuries-old oak trees and will see priestesses igniting fires if you close your eyes. The tower of the castle that emerged on the hill withstood the twists and turns of history, and the serpentine catacombs beneath Vilnius have preserved its extraordinary secrets.

You are invited to follow the footsteps of the birth of Vilnius and discover your own legend! 

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