7 reasons to visit Vilnius

Why Vilnius is so amazing?

Imagine a city that none of your friends has visited; a city that defies clichés and isn’t packed with big crowds of tourists; a city that feels like it’s part of a lush green forest, with colourful hot-air balloons flying over your head. Come to a place so unknown that even your routine won’t be able to find you. A safe, vibrant and beautiful city that you can explore entirely on foot, where ancient history and modern culture coexist – all wrapped in unique entertainment, great food, fast Internet and very friendly people.

Welcome to Vilnius!

We hope your camera has lots of storage

Whether it’s a wide shot from the top of the 326-metre TV Tower, or a small detail on one of the 200 stunning works of art on Literatų Street, Vilnius has something for every eye. Starting from the more than forty churches tickling the sky with their bell towers, and continuing while you discover street art by famous artists like Millo, Os Gemeos and Tank Petrol, among others – you’re in for a surprise around almost any random corner. It’s also worth mentioning the many statues placed throughout the UNESCO-listed Old Town streets: from historical characters like the Grand Duke Gediminas, all the way to Frank Zappa, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon. These and many other great photo opportunities are swarming around this city.

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You can walk the city front to back 

Getting to most places in Vilnius is just a matter of walking for a few minutes. That’s why locals prefer walking, even though there are many different ways to get around the city. And we must agree with them, because beyond being able to reach every main attraction, walking also give you the chance to discover one of the most secret features of Vilnius – its courtyards. Hidden behind the main streets, and charming as hell, they provide the perfect location for an intimate picnic or some calm and well-deserved me-time.

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Why walk when you can fly?

Our city is beautiful from every point of view, but if we had to choose one, it’d be to see it from above. Vilnius is one of the world’s few capitals that allows hot-air balloons to take off in the very centre of the city and fly over it, so if you’re looking for the coolest alternative to walking, this one is unbeatable. And if you’re afraid of heights, just looking at those colourful beauties floating along the city’s skyline will probably still make your day.

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Witness how art takes over the city

During summer and until mid-autumn, several street festivals take over the city, offering free performances and tons of activities. On different days during the season, Vilnius transforms into a big stage where hundreds of musicians and actors perform freely, all around the city. Venues also open their doors to the general public, offering concerts and art for every taste.

And when the art is not on the streets, you can still find it in the many venues the city has to offer – from jazz bars and live music pubs, to opera and ballet at the National Theatre.

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Party in a former prison? Why not!

The 120-year-old Lukiškės prison transformed itself into a new version of Lukiškės prison 2.0 – a place filled with art and creativity. It offers spaces and studios for 250 artists, musicians, and creators. The territory is open to the public and has been a hit since the first day – curiosity, to take a peek behind the fenced walls takes over the crowds.

The unique place is a perfect location for films and commercials. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, keep an eye for Lukiškės prison in season 4!

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Because foodies gonna food

If you’re a fresh-oysters-with-champagne kind of person, then this is your city. If you’re more of a pulled pork sandwich with cold beer type, then this is your city, too. And if you’re vegetarian or vegan… yes, you guessed right – this is also your city. Vilnius’ vibrant food culture will satisfy any palate. Of course, no visit is complete without trying our local food, whichever you prefer: Šaltibarščiai, Cepelinai, Balandėliai…you name it (if you can). You can also bring some edible souvenirs back for your friends (or keep them for yourself), like honey, bread, cheese, mead, teas and many other local treats. And if you’re feeling a bit hipster, you should visit one of our markets, where you will find the most eclectic variety of small restaurants mixed with stands selling high quality and fresh goodies for a perfect picnic at the park. Every stomach deserves to be happy in Vilnius.

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To beer or not to beer is not a rhetorical question here

And the answer is: to beer. An abundance of craft breweries makes Vilnius a paradise for beer lovers and a great place to fall in love with beer if you haven’t already. Swim across every variety you can think of and listen to the strong voice of the pub culture as it lures you into every corner of the city. Your glass will always be half-full.

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