Vilnius’ Birthday

On 25 January 2023, Vilnius is celebrating its 700th birthday!

Where: Vilnius Cathedral Square
When: 25 January 2023
Celebration event and Vilnius Light Festival is free of charge.

Vilnius shone brightly in the world on 25 January 1323, when Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, sent one of his famous letters. Vilnius, previously unknown to Western Europeans, shone like a star and was put on the map of Europe forever. This day is considered Vilnius’ birthday. Today, Vilnius is shining brightly once again! Word of the Lithuanian capital will once again spread around the world – this time the city will invite you to admire Vilnius illuminated and celebrate its honourable age.

During the Vilnius Light Festival on 25-28th of January, 2023 ­– the brightest event of the city’s birthday – it will shine brighter than a thousand birthday candles! Light installations in the Old Town streets and squares will bring joie de vivre to Vilnius, warm the cold winter, highlight the city’s architecture and invite residents and guests to walk around and discover the city. Bridges and churches, squares and sculptures – the light will play on them and the spectators. The Vilnius Light Festival, like Vilnius’ birthday, welcomes guests of all ages ­– interactive installations will allow you to create unique compositions and feel like you’re part of the city.

Let’s celebrate Vilnius’ birthday the way this wonderful city deserves. See Vilnius in new colours at night. Artists from all over the world will create a completely different image of Vilnius with light installations, incorporating them into the unique architecture and public spaces. Don’t just watch, participate! Many installations are interactive and encourage you to connect with the light and discover its forms. Thousands of spectators visit the traditional festival every year, but the constantly changing installations, creative solutions and modern technologies will surprise even the most demanding visitors.

Vilnius Light Festival will give a start to other impressive birthday events. Anticipation for the anniversary will begin with a festive week, surprises, and fascinating spectacles.

Don’t forget to capture the moments and share them with your friends! In anticipation of Vilnius ‘anniversary, become the city’s ambassador – Vilnius’ birthday is the beginning of unique events. It incites the people to discover Vilnius, and for some, perhaps, to visit the city for the first time. So spread the word, share the most spectacular moments, experience the joy of celebrating, and pass it on to others.

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