Music for Vilnius

What kind of music will play while Vilnius celebrates its 700th anniversary? Many songs have been written about Vilnius, but the Music for Vilnius project will take a broader look and invite seven contemporary world-famous composers to create works dedicated to the city.

In 2023, the concert cycle will give Vilnius a fresh sound! The composers will dedicate their works to selected places in the city and examine relevant topics. Thus, the premieres and meetings with composers will take place in various parts of the city. The unique Music for Vilnius project will allow the city to resonate both in Lithuania and all around the world. What if Mozart or Bach had composed pieces of music for Vilnius? Although we cannot change the past or commission these geniuses in the present, Music for Vilnius will offer an opportunity for the city to become immortal in the world music scene. Find out how Vilnius sounds to the world.

Musical spaces of Vilnius

The seven composers participating in the project will visit Vilnius and choose their favourite place in the city based on architectural, cultural and social environmental characteristics. They will create then create 5-10-minute solo instrument or chamber ensemble pieces for up to five performers dedicated to the chosen space. The original compositions will provide an opportunity to reflect on the historical and current spaces of Vilnius and the whole country, as well as ambitious visions and plans for the future.

During the visits, the composers will also have the opportunity to meet with the Lithuanian community of composers and musicologists to discover Vilnius and its cultural layers. Therefore, the works presented in 2023 will embody the identity and values, as well as the social, cultural, and innovation layers of Vilnius celebrating its anniversary. Seven composers – seven works for Vilnius – the Music for Vilnius project will make the world listen.

Who creates for Vilnius?

During its 700 years of existence, Vilnius has valued multiculturalism. Today, seven composers from different countries are participating in the Music for Vilnius project, which aims to foster diversity and seek an understanding of different ideas. The music of these world-famous composers is performed at the most important international festivals, where they collaborate with contemporary musicians. Some of the composers are related to Lithuania and reflect the most important ethnic communities living in Vilnius. The composers represent different creative generations and styles that reflect the main trends and contemporary music processes in the 20th and 21st centuries. Therefore, the music created for Vilnius will receive attention around the world.

Anna Korsun

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Michael Gordon

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Heiner Goebbels

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Agata Zubel

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Ivan Fedele

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Toshio Hosokawa

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Beat Furrer

Works inspired by people

After the composers have chosen their inspiring spaces in Vilnius, residents of the city will be invited to tell personal stories related to each space. These stories, which will be collected and posted on website for all to read, can serve as a source of inspiration for each composer. The authors of the most interesting stories will have the opportunity to meet the world-famous composers themselves.

Music for Vilnius is dedicated to the city’s 700th anniversary. It is a gift that enriches, invites people to discover something new and can even inspire change. Preparations for premieres will bring the community together and help spread the message of Vilnius as a city that is constantly changing while retaining its modern face. The musical compositions will become a legacy for future generations while the melodies will spread through the world like the howl of the Iron Wolf, the symbol of Vilnius.

The music keeps playing

As part of Vilnius’ anniversary celebrations, the works of the Music for Vilnius project will be presented to the public in the spaces for which they were created. Other works by composers will be performed during premiere concerts, thus revealing how the new compositions blend into the work of each composer for Vilnius.

However, the scope of the project extends well beyond the concert series. The works will invite the community to discuss the processes of contemporary music and its place in the city. Using modern technology, the compositions will be played in space indefinitely. It will be possible to return and listen to the works at any time by following the Music for Vilnius route or travelling on a virtual tour. Thematic tours and deeper knowledge of Vilnius will be available to listeners. As the Lithuanian capital enters a new century of existence, the new sound of Vilnius will delight residents and provide a unique, emotionally charged experience for guests visiting the city. Listen to Vilnius celebrating its 700th anniversary.


Head of the Project – Matas Drukteinis

Creative Director – Vykintas Baltakas

Coordinator – Gintarė Palkevičienė

Read more about the project at

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