As Young As Vilnius Music Festival

On 25 July 2023, Vingis Park, much loved by Vilnius’ residents, will become a unique international music arena to enjoy an exclusive programme combining music of various tastes – classical and popular. This festival, which is free of charge, is one of the main events on the occasion of Vilnius Jubilee in 2023 to attract music fans.

Where: Vingis Park
When: July 25 main event, but pre-party starts from July 21.
Festival is free of charge.

St. Christopher, the patron saint of Vilnius, would be proud today – Vilnius is anticipating its 700th anniversary! On 25 July, St. Christopher’s Day, Vilnius will become a unique international music arena celebrating its upcoming anniversary and anniversary year. In 2022 and 2023, a free music festival in Vingis Park, one of the largest open spaces in the city, will be waiting for all residents and guests of Vilnius who love music.

Whether you like classical, pop or electronic music, you’ll be fascinated with the unique programme. Throughout the day, Vilnius will sound louder than the prophecy of fame howled by the legendary Iron Wolf in Grand Duke Gediminas’ dream. The Vilnius Summer Festival will spread the word about Vilnius around the world, as predicted in the legend.

Who blows the trumpets, beats the drums and breaks the electric guitars? It’s Vilnius, eagerly awaiting its anniversary! The free festival is a gift for residents and guests of Vilnius. On 25 July in Vingis Park, the Vilnius Summer Festival will offer a programme of classical music, a contemporary pop concert with world-famous and Lithuanian artists, and contemporary electronic dance music accompanied by an audio-visual performance that promises a party atmosphere.

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