The initiator of the three-year project “Vilnius 700” is Vilnius City Municipality and the curator of the program is Official Business and Tourism Development Agency of the City of Vilnius “Go Vilnius”. The anniversary of the capital is a Nationwide celebration, during which we will strive to create an impressive anniversary program.

Public institution „GO Vilnius“
El-mail: [email protected]
Tel..: +370 686 57232
Address: Gynėjų st. 16, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lietuva

Feel free to contact our team:

Head of Vilnius 700

Lina Šetikienė
[email protected]
+370 659 74327

Senior Project Manager

Gediminas Šukutis
[email protected]
+370 611 15366

Public Relations Manager

Olga Malaškevičienė
[email protected]
+370 665 48210

Partnership Project Manager

Milda Savickaitė
[email protected]
+370 695 76716

Marketing Project Manager

Ieva Buzė
[email protected]
+370 689 09825

Senior Partnership Project Manager

Eglė Mačiulytė
[email protected]
+370 688 08083

Junior Project Manager

Ieva Vinickytė
[email protected]
+370 693 12979

Partnership Project Manager

Paulina Žėkaitė
[email protected]
+370 613 96595

Project Manager

Justina Vyšniauskaitė
[email protected]
+370 614 20927

700 Vilnius | [email protected] | Gynėjų g. 16, Vilnius

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