Unique tasting at Sugamour

The state of Lithuania was created by people of the Lithuanian tribe, who lived far from the sea, but in a land rich in lakes and forests. During the formation of the state, people who were once village elders or tribal chiefs became the leaders of Lithuania, and the food preferences of their ancestors laid the foundations for Lithuania’s gastronomy culture. Historically, the traditions of Lithuanian cuisine were distinguished by “wild food” – berries, mushrooms and wild animals and the dishes created from them. Sugamour restaurant wants to introduce you to ethnographic recipes, using the products of those times, but preparing them with the technologies and cooking methods of modern day.

The tasting menu includes:

  • Green šaltibarščiai
  • Venison steak served with fried porcini mushrooms
  • Red wine and cranberry sauce
  • Cucumber cake
  • A glass of red wine

Price: EUR 35.

Offer valid: 21-25 July 2023.

Address: Vokiečių g. 11, Vilnius.

Contact: +370 686 19 995; [email protected].

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