28 June – 29 October 2023 A Trap with Central Heating: An exhibition about life in Lithuania in 1965-1993

In a society that is not free, people have to learn various life/survival strategies and tactics while carefully navigating the territory of existential traps and their perimeter. A Trap with Central Heating is an exhibition that tells precisely about this kind of situation, as well as about the “little man’s” daily attempts to survive, think, communicate and engage in the diverse creation of life forms, despite the mould of existence and everyday life that has spread everywhere.

Date: 28 June – 29 October 2023.

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:00-18:00; Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-20:00.

Location: The old detention house (Kosciuškos g.1).

Price: EUR 5.

Contact: +370 (5) 239 45 74; [email protected].

Organiser: National Museum of Lithuania.

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