27 July Tommy Cash at Vasaros Terasa (Summer Terrace)

Finally, Tommy Cash, with his visually intense clips and even more intense music, will be visiting Vilnius. And he chose none other than the Summer Terrace for his show. The visual arts punk and rapper is making waves with his work, but more importantly, he’s pointing a finger at sensitive societal issues. Through humour. Through sarcasm. Through post-Soviet aesthetics, which Tommy links with global trends. You could call him the Lady Gaga of Eastern Europe. Tommy Cash’s expression spreads not only through music and videos, but also through fashion. Who hasn’t seen his outfit this year at Paris Fashion Week?

Millions of views on YouTube, worldwide success and media attention, collaborations with greats such as Diplo, Boys Noize and Little Big, music tours in Europe, the United States and Canada, and concerts at the biggest festivals around (Glastonbury, Sziget, Roskilde) – the list of this Estonian’s achievements goes on and on.

Date: 27 July 2023.

Time: 20:00.

Location: Vasaros Terasa (Vilniaus g. 39).

Entry: Tickets required. More information about ticket prices can be found here.

Organiser: Vasaros Terasa.

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