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The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre is pleased to announce an international symposium titled “Creativity and Improvisation in Performing Arts.” Scheduled for November 23-25, 2023, in Vilnius, Lithuania, the symposium aims to provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary examination of the complex phenomena of creativity and improvisation.

This academic event is significant not only within the discourses of the humanities and social sciences but also for professional artists and researchers. It seeks to contribute to the understanding of creativity and improvisation as fundamental components of artistic practice, thereby enabling the investigation of new forms of expression and encouraging innovation in daily artistic activities.

The symposium will feature a diverse array of scholars, artists, and practitioners from multiple disciplines, including musicology, theatre studies, sociology, and psychology. Participants from both Lithuania and the international academic community will present research and artistic experiments that embody the advantages of an interdisciplinary approach. A key element of the symposium is the Experimental Creative Laboratory, an innovative component that will present live improvisational artistic experiments conducted by interdisciplinary groups. These performances will be subject to critical analysis and discussion by the attending scholars and artists, offering a unique opportunity for professional development and interdisciplinary engagement.

Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Research Council of Lithuania, the symposium also aims to establish an “International Laboratory for Performing Arts for Creativity and Improvisation Reserch”. This initiative will invite international groups of artists and scholars to collaboratively examine the phenomena of creativity and improvisation from various perspectives. The platform is designed to facilitate networking and accelerate new projects across different performing arts disciplines and European regions. By offering a rigorous academic environment for intellectual exchange and artistic exploration, the symposium aims to make a substantive contribution to the field of interdisciplinary research and artistic practice, both in Lithuania and internationally.

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