World Tourism Day

Whether you have lived in Vilnius for many years or you are just visiting, everyone is welcome to become a tourist in the capital of Lithuania during the Tourism Day weekend! On World Tourism Day, we will look at Vilnius with new eyes and have fun in 700-year-old Vilnius. Always young Vilnius invites you to play, hike, discover, laugh and wonder. The next time you meet a tourist in Vilnius, you'll know why they want to come back again and again.


23 September (Saturday)

13:00 - 17:00 Orienteering game "Discover Vilnius Heroes" (in lithuanian)

20:00 Trail Masters in Vilnius: Walking through 700 years (12 km course)

24 September (Sunday)

11:00 Guide Vidonija: 7 tales about Vilnius for the whole family

12:00 - 17:00 Free guided tours "Untold Stories of Vilnius NATO Summit" (in lithuanian)

Free museum visits

27 September (Wednesday)

Vilnius gives away 700 free cups of coffee on Tourism Day.


Discover Vilnius Heroes Orientation Game with 700 prizes (in lithuanian)

There would be no history without stories, and there would be no Vilnius without Vilnius citizens. That's why on 23 September, World Tourism Day, we invite you to discover not only the city's spaces, but also those who nurture and make them meaningful every day. Get to know the real heroes of Vilnius through an engaging orienteering game. These are people you wouldn't find in any other city. Without them, Vilnius would not be Vilnius. You'll have to turn your head and get moving to find them, but in return you'll meet unexpected acquaintances, intriguing stories and 700 prizes!

The game is free to play and can be accessed by picking up a game flyer from the Tourist Information Centre, 2 Pilies St. The flyer will give you all the instructions and encrypted locations where you can find the Vilnius characters. The flyer can be picked up on 23 September from 10 am and the game will run from 1 to 5 pm.
After successful completion of the game, the prizes can be picked up at the Tourist Information Centre until 6 pm. The number of prizes is limited.

Trail Masters in Vilnius: walking over 700 years

You know that Vilnius is 700 years old this year! Indeed, it's an extraordinary anniversary, so it would be disrespectful to celebrate it in a boring way. We've danced at powerful concerts, visited exhibitions, listened to operas, and now it's time to dive into the magical labyrinth of history on World Tourism Day weekend. A night hike, walking a 700-shaped route in the centre of Vilnius, invites everyone to come "enlightened" and be the birthday candles on the cake.

It will start at the White Bridge, where we will gather after the sun has set (after all, that's the way to celebrate a birthday!). Following the outline of the number 700, you'll choose objects that have already become legendary and that you'll see for the first time as candles on your birthday cake.

We'll provide not only the 12 kilometres, but also the birthday snacks, drinks and entertainment, so all you have to do is come and enjoy the night hike!

Participation is free of charge, you must register here. Participants are welcome to come "lit up" (with lights, garlands or a torch) and be the candles on Vilnius' birthday cake. The first 2000 participants to finish will receive a commemorative medal.

7 tales about Vilnius (in lithuanian)

Sunday, 24 September, 11 am (venue to be confirmed).
Vida Norkūnienė, guide and storyteller, invites you to discover the city through fairy tales. Collecting fairy tales and placing them in the city is the beautiful task Vida, who introduces herself to the children as Mrs Vidonija, has set herself. A wonderful story about Vilnius and the fairy tales that live there awaits you.

The event is for children and parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents. Duration: approx. 1 hour. No registration required.

Free guided tours "Untold Stories of Vilnius NATO Summit" (in lithuanian)

Sunday 24 September, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16:00
What was the preparation for the biggest event in Lithuania's history and why did the event staff team have to be creative in solving many logistical tasks? On a guided tour, you will travel through the historic Vilnius NATO Summit sites in the city centre. We promise it will be very interesting: you will learn unheard facts about the various challenges Lithuanians faced in planning the NATO Summit, about the surprising whims (and sometimes unexpected simplicity) of the delegations, about the "Joe's Special" dish that the Kempinski restaurant started to produce after the NATO Summit, and other intriguing details.

The number of participants is very limited and the tours are open only to registered participants. Registration for the tours will open on 20 September and the link will be published on this page.

Free museums

Tourists can learn a lot about the city from its museums and galleries. The last Sunday of the month, 24 September, is a special opportunity to visit many of Vilnius' museums for free. Classical and contemporary art, historical curiosities, fashion and design, video installations and rare exhibits - the museums open their treasures and invite you to discover them. Put it in tourist gear - how many museums can you visit in a day? Plan your route in advance to keep your head on straight. Find out more about the participating museums here.

Various venues
Free admission
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