Sirenos’23: Easy things

Being watched is part of the acting experience. Being seen happens on stage but also off stage, it happens to anyone and everyone. In a subtle way, whether and how we are seen sets the boundaries of who we become and what is possible for us.

In Easy Things, the protagonist is the body in the role – an actress in the theater and a woman in the world, subjected to various oppressions of seeing, including self-oppression. Irena Telesz-Burczyk and Milena Gauer reconstruct the shapes of their bodies and fates created under the influence of different gazes. The performance gradually moves out of the classical theatrical situation into a performative one and triumphantly restores subjectivity to the performers and their bodies, allowing them to be seen beyond objectifying schemes.

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Director - Anna Karasinska
Producer - Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza w Olsztynie (Poland)
Duration - 50 min.
Language - Polish with Lithuanian subtitles

Arts Printing House
Šiltadaržio g. 6
27.00 Eur
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