It doesn’t matter how much and how often you walk, we will be waiting for you, because for the spring event we are preparing three routes of different difficulty, which will allow you to get to know, and maybe even rediscover, your beloved Vilnius.

For an easy walk – 5 km
For meaningful walking with light fatigue – 10 km
For experienced walkers or those looking for challenges – 25 km

The start and finish of the ĖJIMAS is at Nepriklausomybės aikštė.
Entertaining and engaging activities will await you in the event site and rest stops.

ĖJIMAS is FREE – just come to Nepriklausomybės aikštė and start: we will take care of the tracks, infrastructure and entertainment.

Registration with FINISH MEDAL – 3 €.

Join us, because it’s a move that MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Independence Square near the Parlament
Free admission
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