Music for Vilnius | Ivan Fedele. Piece for the Kazys Varnelis House-Museum

“I always wanted to turn an image into music!”, said Italian composer Ivan Fedele, as soon as he saw the paintings of Kazys Varnelis. It was this Lithuanian Op Art painter who lived most of his life in the United States and became famous there – to his work and art philosophy – that the composer dedicated his new piece to. His music for Vilnius will be performed at the Kazys Varnelis House-Museum, in a labyrinth of art that is full of mystery. Ivan Fedele, who served as director of the music section of the Venice Biennale for two terms, uses his activities and creative work to combine long-standing traditions with modern music language and modern technology.

So in Vilnius too, we will hear a piece for the piano with live electronics that will be performed by Alvise Vidolin. The world premieres of the piece will be accompanied by special tours of the unique cultural space as well as other events. The composer’s work will be presented on a wider scale by the Lithuanian Ensemble Network at the portrait concert at Vilnius Town Hall.

World premiere of the piece for Vilnius: 25 and 27 May.

Concert at Vilnius Town Hall: 26 May

Tickets you can found here.

Kazys Varnelis House-Museum
Didžioji g. 26
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