Lost Vilnius

Would you like to take a look around Vilnius as it was in the past? The treasures of the city’s past haven’t been forgotten – become a time traveller in one click and find yourself in various periods of the city where you can explore a few of the exceptional places that haven’t survived to this day. Today, Vilnius is famous for modern technologies and innovative solutions that allow you to travel the lost city virtually. Historical objects and architectural masterpieces, restored according to authentic data, will leave an unforgettable impression.

Vilnius Castle Complex

A bird’s-eye view of the Upper Castle

What did Gediminas Hill and Gediminas Tower look like in the 15-16th centuries? Take in the exclusive sights of the entire complex.


A bird’s-eye view of the Upper and Lower Castle

What did Cathedral Square look like in the 16-17th centuries? What buildings haven’t survived to this day, and what has changed beyond recognition?


First-person view of the Upper and Lower Castle

Are you wandering around the reconstructed Lower Castle of Vilnius, or have you gone back several centuries? Notice the differences?


The Great Synagogue of Vilna

A bird’s-eye view of the Great Synagogue complex

What did people see while walking past the Great Synagogue of Vilna? And what was it like compared to other buildings? See for yourself.


Courtyard of the Great Synagogue complex

What was life like in the courtyard of the Great Synagogue of Vilna? Come in and feel like you’ve stepped into the Jerusalem of the North.


Interior of the Great Synagogue

What did the interior and architecture of the legendary Great Synagogue of Vilna truly look like? Get ready to be stunned.